Rollable Pearl Finish

A Pearl Paint Your Walls Will Love

Flex Pearl is Zolatone's newest finish you're sure to love. Inspired by our popular pearl finish, Counterpointe, Flex Pearl is a rollable pearl paint that will make your walls dazzle. With a nix of pearlescent colorants and natural mica flecks, Flex Pearl brings an easy-to-apply, shimmering element to interiors. This specialty paint is great for architectural features or anywhere you want to add light. The metallic mica in this pearl paint dances in the light, creating brighter spaces when low on lighting!

Great for:

  • Walls and features
  • Architectural features and elements
  • Hallways and corridors
  • Low light spaces
  • Accent areas
  • Great for pairing with accent lighting

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Zolatone Flex Pearl

More Than Just
Good Looks

Durable Paint For High Traffic Areas

With silky pearlescent colorants and natural mica flecks adding a shimmering look to interiors it would be easy to assume that this paint is all about aesthetics. If that's what you're thinking, you couldn't be more wrong! Though Flex Pearl adds a shimmering look to interiors it also is TOUGH for use in any high traffic interior. Check out the finish data for Flex Pearl below.

Finish Data

  • Coverage - Up to 160 sqft per gallon
  • Scrub Rating - ~3000 (ASTM D-2486)
  • Application - Rolled
  • VOC Level - <50 g/L

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Created For You

By Popular Demand From The Architecture & Design Community

For years we heard you - you LOVE our Counterpointe finish but can't always spray! Well consider your wish our demand. Flex Pearl is your pearl finish solution for jobs where spraying just isn't an option. Rolling makes Flex Pearl easy to use in any interior design project!

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